How to convert MP4 to MP3 for free?

Extract audio files of up to 320kbps quality from online MP4 videos, concerts, and music clips.

The best free online MP4 to MP3 converter for Windows and Mac! Convert to MP3 files for car audio systems, cell phones, tablets, music players. Convert MP4 to MP3 files extremely fast and keep the original audio quality! No limitation, super easy!

#Step 1: Open Audio Extractor website

Open up Audio Extractor website. Our free audio extractor is an online software. Any devices can open up and use it without downloading application.

#Step 2: Upload MP4 file

After you open up our online audio extractor, let's upload your MP4 video file. It's simple and easy to upload. Just need to click the button "Upload" at first, and then waiting for a little seconds.

#Step 3: Start audio extraction

Uploading finished, then you can click the button "Extract Audio".

Please make sure your original films don’t have any kind of protection. Our audio extractor doesn’t support the protected media conversion.

#Step 4: Download ACC audio file

Extraction will finish very quickly. Then you can "Download" the extracted file.

Please note: our audio extractor can only convert MP4 video file into ACC audio file. If you need MP3 audio format. Let's move to next step.

#Step 5: *Transfer ACC to MP3 (Optional)

Convert MP4 to MP3 only need one more step.

Use Audio Converter to transfer ACC format to MP3 format.

>>Learn how to use Audio Converter.

It is simple and easy to use, right?

Let's get go right now!

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